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Use this request form to start the reservation process. Once we receive your completed request we will get back to you to complete the process.

*Note: For Music events and concerts, we will only consider reservation requests from established and verified promotors. 


  • Music Events*

  • Conferences

  • Trade Shows and Events

  • Craft, Hobby and Art Shows

  • Reunions & Community Events



Napa Expo Facility Rental Request

Please fill out the following form and we will get back to you

Non Profit Entity?
YES (501c / 501c3 Status Required)

Event Information

Facility / Area Requested
Type of Event

General Terms

The rental rate for events which have paid admission may fall into a percentage category which will be subject to the rental rate as shown in the rates above or 10% of the gross admission sales, whichever is greater. The renter is responsible for the operation of a verifiable ticket system and will permit Exposition personnel to audit ticket sales and count as deemed necessary. 

For events selling Food &/or Beverage 

  • $300.00 per each location (food, beverage or direct sales) 

  • 35% of gross sales for all alcohol sales. 

Additional terms apply. 

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