Napa Valley Model Railroad

The Napa Valley Model Railroad Club was formed in 1955 for the purposes of constructing an HO Scale layout and to advance the hobby of model railroading in the Napa Valley and surrounding areas. The Club was incorporated in 1966. Photo: Model Railroad Engine

The Club has had several layouts in various locations, settling in their current home at the Napa Valley Expo back in 1970 when fair management donated two Quonset structures and a two story 40' x 40' building was built by club members connecting them. The Napa Valley Northern layout occupies this 3600 square foot "L" shaped room. The 1600 square foot second floor is our meeting area, library, and workshop.

The general concept of the N.V.N. is of a railroad line running from Napa north through Lake County, with northbound connections to Portland, and southbound connections to Stockton. The layout has over 1500 feet of track. The time period is from 1940 to present. The observer will see various types of prototype and freelance rail equipment and buildings around the layout. Because of space limitations, areas are not reproduced in their exact geographical configurations.

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Napa Valley Model Railroad
Napa Valley Expo, 3rd St. Gate

Hours: Friday evenings 7:00 to Midnight

Shows held in conjunction with events at the Napa Valley Exposition

For more info dial: (707) 253-8428
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