Facility Rentals

2017 Building Rental Rates

Prices Effective October 12, 2015 and are subject to Change.

Chardonnay Hall


Comes complete with...
70 Tables (8')
560 Chairs
16' x 20' Stage located on west wall
Commercial Kitchen
Riesling Hall

Non - Profit..................$844.00

Comes complete with...
31 Tables (8')
250 Chairs
12' x 16' Stage located on south wall
Commercial Kitchen

The Rental rate for commercial events, which have a paid admission, may fall into a percentage category which will be subject to the rental rate as shown above vs. 10% of the gross admission sales, whichever is greater.

Deposit Information

Chardonnay Hall & The Plaza - $2,000.00 deposit

Multi Facility Events - as Quoted

All other rentals require a $1,000.00 deposit.

Deposits are partially refundable, less any clean-up and/or damages:

  • $26.00 per hour, per man for any and all work done by Expo personnel for all work completed during and after said event.
  • $15.00 per barrel for trash removal.
  • $75.00 per hour for large equipment operations (Expo personnel only)
  • $100.00 for each stage modification.
  • $100.00/$200.00 per hour for use of the building outside of contracted date and time of event based on availability.

*Please be advised that you must provide your own cleaning products and equipment.


Insurance (rate per day):

Riesling Hall   Call for Quote
Chardonnay Hall   Call for Quote
Other facility usage and Liquor Liability:   Call for Quote


Management of the Napa Valley Exposition requires a minimum # of security guards dependant on the building for the duration of all events. The management reserves the right to waive security minimums. All Security will be booked by the Napa Valley Exposition and all costs will be due and payable upon completion of contract. Security will be billed at quoted rates. Security reports to the management of the Napa Valley Exposition at the conclusion of each event. They will enforce the maximum occupancy of 250 or 1,000 persons. If the event begins prior to the time security is booked for, all deposits will be forfeited.

Chardonnay Hall 9 guards at $29/hr. = $261/hr.
Riesling Hall 5 guards at $29/hr. = $145/hr.


All rentals are subject to cancellation charges as follows:

Chardonnay Hall
61 days notice or more...$660.00
60 - 30 days notice...$1,320.00
29 days notice or less...$2,640.00
Reisling Hall
61 days notice or more...$264.00
60 - 30 days notice...$528.00
29 days notice or less...$1,056.00

For questions, please call Carole Sanders at 707-253-4900 ext 101.