Competitive Exhibits

For 85 years artists, craftspeople, farmers and youth have entered competitions at the Annual Napa Town & Country Fair. In 2017, the spirit of competition is alive and strong in Napa County. Additionally, exhibitors of all ages are challenged to be creative.

Submit your best into the most anticipated  showcase in Napa County and come share your passion and talents with our community. 

We appreciate your effort and thank you for your support each year. Whether you have participated for many years or are a first-time exhibitor, we are here to make your experience as rewarding as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact our office anytime with questions or for assistance. Please read the tips below to make your experience as smooth as possible.

From the Office of California Governor - Edmund G. Brown Jr.  

From the Desk of California Department of Food & Agriculture - Secretary Karen Ross


Tips for entering competitive exhibits

  • Many exhibitors wait until the very last minute to complete the registration process. Do not procrastinate! When exhibitors are in a hurry, that is when errors are made or your computer decides to crash or you have a question after hours and no one is available to help. The entry materials are posted well over a month in advance of the deadline, so start the process early!

  • Please read all the information provided in each department prior to starting the online entry process. These guides will help ensure you are entering the correct classes and understand the deadlines, rules, etc. in advance of submitting your entries. Remember, when you click "submit" at the end of the entry process you are agreeing that you have read, understand and will abide by all rules and regulations set forth in those materials.

  • Fill out each required field slowly and accurately. Double check your typing before moving on. All the information you enter is what will be printed on the tags that go on your work during the Fair, the information on awards we provide to the media, the emails we send to you and the award checks we mail at the conclusion of the Fair. You want to be sure things like your name, address, and email address are entered correctly.

  • Have your credit card ready. All fees are payable on line via credit card.

  • Finally, please be sure to add to your email accounts as an "OK sender." All of our reminders and information will be sent to your email address and you don't want to miss out on those.