Carnival Information

The Napa Town and Country Fairs wants to give a BIG BEAR HUG WELCOME to the newest member of our fair family, Helm & Sons Amusements. Not only do we have new dates, we will also be sporting a whole new look. The following is an example of the types of rides available from Helm & Sons and is not to be a list of rides available for the fair. 

Welcome to the Big Kids Toy Store! Because that’s how it feels when you set foot on the midway of Helm & Sons Amusements.

For the little ones we have Cub Country, a kid-friendly zone with rides and amenities just their size. No scary monsters or screaming fast rides here! Just gentle fun for little ones and their families. We include plenty of open space and seating to make those Kodak moments easier to capture. With everything from the gentlest rocking horse to rides with just enough fun to make them scream with delight, Cub Country has it all. Lots of rides feature seating for moms and dads too, so the whole family can ride.


For the slightly bigger kids there are plenty of wholesome fun rides in the Family Ride department.  Scattered throughout the midway, family rides are just that!  Family friendly with family size and family features that cater to just enough turning, spinning and dipping to get you turned on without getting you turned over! 


If you’re looking for something in the Papa Bear category then you want to try one of our Thrill Rides. The only guarantee here is that you won’t lack for action!  Spinning, turning, twisting and dropping, sometimes all at once, these rides have it all and you need to be ready for it. If you meet the height requirement, the physical limitations and have the stomach for it, then go all out on the thrill ride collection.

Our spectacular Rides represent the best in the world. Specatacular in scope, size, ride action and scale, these are incredible machines. Read the signs on each ride, as there are some restrictions, then hop on board and enjoy the ride. What can we say....They're real, and they're Spectacular!

The WOW advantage!

Helm and Sons Amusements is proud to offer:

  • Absolute Commitment to SAFETY

  • Best Quality Equipment Available

  • Modern appealing rides, games and food

  • Proven Grossing Ability

  • Lower Prices

  • Colorful, comfortable midway amenities available

  • Beautifully landscaped rest areas & more.

  • Professional, adaptable and able to fulfill all of your amusement needs ...WOW!


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