Helm & Sons Amusements

2017 Fair Pricing

Individual Ride Ticket Pricing

.50 per single ticket

$25 for sheet of 50 tickets

$50 for sheet of 100 tickets

Rides Require Between 4-12 Tickets Each Per Person.

All rides regardless of location (Cub Country, Kiddieland, Main Midway) all take same tickets without restriction.


Daily Pay One Price Unlimited Ride Wristband

$35.00 per Wristband per person per day, EVERY DAY. 

Wristband good all day on all rides. No restrictions.


WOWXpress (Fast pass program) –

Helm and Sons Amusements has a program known as WOWXpress that offers an upgrade, up to a maximum of 25% of the projected daily Wristband sales, that can be purchased at Carnival Ticket boxes for an additional $15 per day. These special bands allow users to enter a specific entrance at each ride to bypass any line. This program is especially popular on Friday nights and weekends. The WOWXpress is not available prior to the Fair and can only be purchased the day of use at Carnival Ticket boxes.


Advance Sale –

WOW Coupon Program

Helm and Sons Amusements uses WOW Coupons for their Advance Sale Program.

The WOW Coupon is a single coupon that sells before the Fair at a price of $25, it can be exchanged for one POP wristband on one day for one person. The Coupon includes several promotional tear off coupons that give purchasers a great value. On site the Wristband sells for $35, this plus the additional tear off coupon promotions make the value of the WOW Coupon more than $45 value, the savings amount to over 40% vs. onsite purchase.