Draft Master Plan


The 25th District Agricultural Association (DAA) / Napa Valley Expo (NVE) has prepared a 2017 Draft Master Plan to guide future planning, decisions, financial priorities and overall management of the NVE.


The 2014 earthquake in Napa County damaged buildings at the NVE property, thus providing an opportunity to revisit priorities outlined in previous planning efforts completed in 2003. With the intervening years, 2015-2016 becomes the appropriate time to revisit the previous recommendations and to prepare a Master Plan, a road map or decision making tool, for the next 10-15 years. The Master Plan is intended to provide both “big picture” planning and practical management strategies that can guide day-to-day, decisions, operation and long-term implementation of the Expo’s Vision and Mission:


Mission Statement:  The Napa Valley Exposition is a vital part of the diverse Napa Valley community and showcases our agricultural heritage, provides a high quality entertainment venue, and cultivates recreational and educational opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages.


Vision Statement:  Napa County’s premier agricultural, recreational and community gathering place.


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